Mens testimonials about the results of their male waxing at Brazilian Waxing Studio London by Marcia:

  • When I went to my waxing appointment with Marcia, having responded to her advert in ..., I found her to be charming and professional in both her manner and the practice of her skills. I have had intimate waxing before but it is normal, I guess, to be not totally relaxed before intimate waxing and especially if you are having the treatment for the first time. However, Marcia's softly spoken approach is disarming and removes all apprehension. She is among the very best at her craft. I am delighted with the results of my full Hollywood wax and would encourage any man to go Marcia for waxing.

  • I wanted to write and thank you for seeing me for the first time this morning and at such short notice. I was so impressed by the service you provide and your excellent technique, the result of which is that I am left feeling very happy, comfortable and somewhat liberated. Though I went against your advice and did a gym session this afternoon, I am sure that everything will be fine and I will continue to be very pleased with the results. I look forward to seeing you again for my follow up appointment in about 5 weeks time. With kindest best wishes.

  • Hi Marcia, Yesterday you took years off my age, a great waxing experience and I love the way I look now. I'll be back for sure.

  • Hi Marcia, My skin is very good and very smooth. Thank you for doing a very good job. Regards.

  • Hi Marcia, just wanted to say thank u for today and apologise for being a baby! Promise next time I will be a man! The pain was honestly half of what I expected. Have a great week.

  • Hi Marcia , thanks for a great 'waxing experience', feels amazing! x.

  • Marcia, I just wanted to say how professional you were. It was nothing like as painful as I thought it was going to be and I am delighted with the results of my first male Hollywood waxing. Thank you.

    Ben November 2011
  • Marcia is an amazing waxer I have had waxing before but not as good as this, she put me at ease and I felt relaxed and the discomfort was minor. She made sure there were no small amounts of wax left or any marks, - it feels amazing my girlfriend loves it I will return for sure.

    Sep 2011
  • Hi Marcia, I'm grateful that you gave me my first male hollywood waxing, you made it less painful than it seems in the videos or as it sounds. Not much pain compared to what you mind let's believe. No itching, no rash and I'm silky smooth. Totally worth, see you soon.

    Rommmel July 2011
  • I have had my waxing done in many places in London b4 and I have 2 say that Marcia is by far the best. She's very attentive, very professional, and the results r excellent. There is no pain at all, and you feel relaxed and comfortable and in good hands. Would recommend Marcia to anybody wanting a perfect body waxing.

    Jason 2011
  • Marcia thank you so much for the full back and full buttock waxing you did for me. Until now I was embarrassed to get this done professionally, but you put me at ease and got rid of everything! Will definitely come back. Thanks a million.

    Anish 2011
  • Great wax, so thanks for that. Will be back for more soon. Tx.

    Stuart 2011
  • Marcia thank you very much for making my first waxing experience pleasant, it was not as paingul as I had imagined and your professionalism was 1st Class. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon.

    Alex 2011
  • Hi Marcia, Thanks very much for your professionalism and patience when I had my first ever Male Brazilian wax. I was more than a bit nervous, however you put me at ease and it was not nearly as painful as I was expecting. It is also much, much nicer than shaving with no itching or rash and it is smooth much longer 10/10.

    David 2011
  • Marcia, Just wanted to thank you for the very clean and professional full body waxing. It was much less painful than I had anticipated! The back waxing has especially helped in the summer as I keep cooler and skin rash has completely disappeared. Wife likes the new look and so do I. Be back soon, Thanks very much.

    Kumar 2011
  • Marcia, thanks once again; I've actually lost count of the number of appointments I've had with you; I think this was number 5. I love the new Therapy Studio; right next to Holborn underground - couldn't be better. Best wishes.

    Robert 2011
  • You may expect a full Male Hollywood Waxing to be a pretty dauting prospect for a newbie, but not with Marcia. The whole experience was painless because she is relaxed, professional, skiful,friendly. And the results is awesome! Thank you Marcia.

    Duncan 2011
  • Marcia gave me the best wax I've had in five years of being treated. She puts you at your ease and really knows what she is doing. I have sensitive skin and I've often suffered bruising and marking for two or three days after a treatment - not this time! Just lovely and silky smooth all over - not a stray hair in sight. Thanks!

    Ben 2011
  • Hi Marcia, All is fine with my skin today and really surprised how easy and pain less the "whole" wax was, many thanks. I hope to return soon for your skills.

    Mark 2011
  • Thanks again for today Marcia.I have been 4 times now; we were talking of mens misconceptions about male genitals waxing being painful. Apart from a very slight discomfort I don't find it painful at all and love being clean and smooth. See you in a few weeks.

    Robert 2011
  • Dear Marcia just a quick thank you for yesterday, I will definitely come again.

    David 2011
  • Marcia thank you so much. You were kind, professional and even made it fun. I feel so much more comfortable. All wheelchair users should be told of the benefits getting waxed.

    Charles 2010
  • Marcia,Thank you very, very much for your excellent service on Friday.You were so helpful and friendly and your work was done so well. I feel so fresh and clean.I will definitely being booking again.

    Doug 2010
  • Hi thanks for the text, everything fine, cocoa butter helping and girlfriend liked. Thanks.

    M 2010
  • Hi Marcia. Thank you for the best and smoothest waxing job I've had. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. See you before Christmas!

    Robert 2010
  • Marcia,no problems, Caroline says everything clean and better. I am still getting used to the new look.

    Jonathan 2010
  • Marcia,no problem at all. Very pleased. Thanks.

    Martin 2010
  • Marcia, thanks and everything is fine. My girlfriend thought it was amazing. No red no spots just smooth. Will cal in and get my legs done this week at some stage. thanks.

    Ollie 2009
  • Hi Marcia. Everything is fine thanks. See you in a month. x

    Dean 2009
  • Thank you for checking. I am very pleased with it and my wife said it is very good too.

    Anthony 2009
  • Hi Marcia thanks for asking, how are you? Really happy with the results you did it so well. I took yr after care advice and no problems at all 🙂 it is beginning to grow back a little so maybe i should come and see you again soon?

    A 2009
  • Marcia, thanks! No problem at, and i feel great. See you in 4 weeks.

    Matt 2009
  • All fine thank you 4 a great waxing.

  • Hi Marcia. The result is very good thanks. Nice and smooth! I'm really pleased. I will definitely be back to see you. Shall we say in 4 weeks time?

    Paul 2008
  • Hello Marcia. Thanks for the message. The wax is great, no problems whatsoever.

    Paul 2008
  • No adverse affects and very satisfied customer. Thank you again for your care and professionalism.

    Gareth 2008